We believe that Group Fitness is for everybody!

We have many options to choose from which include cardio, dance, HIIT inspired, weight-based and mind-body workouts. These classes cater for a wide range of interests, physical abilities and most importantly times to suit YOUR schedule.

With over 40 Group Fitness classes per week, LES MILLS programs make up the core of our timetable. We also offer Definition’s Pilates, Yoga, Aqua, Aqua Sticks, Boot Camp and TX which is a pre-teen Personal Training class for 10-14 year old’s. The inspiring instructors and motivating music make Group Fitness one of the MOST effective ways to get in shape and maintain an active lifestyle.

Our members and staff alike, love the classes and are thrilled with the results obtained – but don’t just take our word for it, come along and try it today!

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Please see below more info on our Definition Programs:

Definition Yoga
YOGA combines breathing exercises and flowing postures, which are used to build flexibility and strength. This class provides a calming effect which aids in relaxation and reducing stress.
Definition Pilates
PILATES puts emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment and developing a strong core. You will improve your coordination and balance, build flexibility and strength plus endurance in the legs, arms, hips and back.
Definition Aqua
AQUA incorporates aqua noodles and aqua dumbbells for a fun workout while burning calories. You will get fit while toning and shaping your body using the resistance of water.
Definition Aqua Sticks
AQUA STICKS uses revolutionary water resistant fitness tools called “Aqua Gymsticks”. Work all your major muscle groups as well as small supporting muscle groups used for balance and coordination. Build muscular strength and endurance.
Definition TX Logo
TX is created for pre-teens aged 10 – 14 years by a DHC Personal Trainer. This class will introduce them to the fundamentals of fitness, providing them with the knowledge and skills to transition into healthy and fit lifestyle. This will focus on the basics of functional strength training and agility work – including skipping, boxing, foot work, cardio / body weight training and more. *Cost is $14 per class*