Definition Health Club – About Us

Here at Definition Health, we pride ourselves on providing the people south of the river with a gym that has the latest equipment and a wide range of gym facilities and services that are suitable for all types of fitness levels. Offering a wide range of workout facilities ensures that you get the workout you want, when you like. Having recently turned into a 24/7 gym, we allow all members to enjoying working out at a convenient time that suits their busy lifestyle.

Our gym is near Canning Vale, Murdoch and Leeming suburbs, situated in Bull Creek and offers people in surrounding suburbs access to all of the facilities that we have to offer. Some of these facilities include;

Swimming Lessons

Whether you’re learning to swim or looking to join an advanced swim club, our swimming programs available at our Definition H20 swim school cater to all levels of swimmers. Find out more here.

Yoga & Pilates

We offer yoga and Pilates classes suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced students – our classes cater to all. See our class timetable here.

Group Fitness

With over 40 group fitness classes ran per week, we offer our members access to a wide range of classes that are on at convenient times. See our class timetable here.

Special Offers

Join our Leeming gym and you’ll be entitled to 24/7 access for 30 days for just $30. We also have a wide range of offers on throughout the year, see our range of limited offers and special gym membership offers here.

If you’re wanting to be a part of a friendly, welcoming and well-equipped gym, join our Definition Health Club today!